Pina della Rossa

The image will save us

Pina Della Rossa, visual artist, rooted in an incredibly beautiful but also raw Naples, where passion and violence mix between popularity and bourgeoisie in an intoxicating chaos. She has been active on the art scene since the eighties. She deals with photography, video, painting, installations. Her research introduces a metaphorical reflection on the relationship between Identity and Body, Matter and Memory. She was a pupil of Mimmo Jodice, master of Italian photography and other important figures of painting and design such as Carlo Alfano, Renato Barisani and Armando De Stefano, experimenting, between the eighties and nineties, different photographic-painting techniques, up to current achievement of a concrete mastery of the same and the use of new digital and multimedia technologies. Hers is a creative family, which consolidates over time the predisposition to dialogue between art and contemporaneity; in the eighties the first virtual art gallery in Italy was born: AREA24Space, founded by her brother Andrea Della Rossa. In the following years, she began her own exhibition activity, in the headquarters located near the Central Station of Naples. The gallery, in addition to having presented well-known artists of international level, periodically advertises emerging artists with the aim of making them appreciated by both critics and the market; among the exhibitions and personal ones we remember the one dedicated to Dennis Oppenheim: one of the leading exponents of Land Art, Body Art and Performance Art; the one dedicated to Vettor Pisani, Michele Zaza, Hidetoshi Nagasawa. Pina Della Rossa, exhibits internationally by placing herself alongside these pillars of contemporary art. Her recent productions, such as Nature and After the battle, reflect a condition of crisis of our time; the artist strongly consolidates her language and sensitively exposes her soul through photography, highlighting all this with the assembly of extra-pictorial materials, thus pushing the human eye to reflect on the discomfort of modernity and the true sense of nature. Pina Della Rossa, visual artist, with a conceptual matrix research, is also an activist, since 2010, in fact, she has been developing projects for the fight against violence against women and against any form of violence, dramatically current, social and urban issues. To remember the project in progress “PERMANENT SIGNS”, with which she created performance art, photographs, videos and installations, using her own image and involving personalities from the world of art, culture and entire communities. From her previous project “After the battle”, we are witnessing the passage, on a personal as well as artistic level, of the individual soul, to assume the connotation of a universal message, precisely with the PERMANENT SIGNS/Faces project. Thus outlining her ability to combine art with social commitment. Her are real representations, in which moral filters are placed, which have had so much weight for her, sometimes suspended works, consisting of sequential or fragmentary images, compositions-decompositions, subtle ramifications of a fragile soul, but at the same time mighty as the creative nature. Over the years she evolved, with her artistic language, establishing herself as an activist for women’s rights; she is an emancipated woman and artist, who fights for an equal and respectful culture of the kind to which she herself belongs. Analyzing the landscape, she highlights the dehumanization, and with an authoritative composure, comes to the revisitation of the exhibition project: Permanent Signs, involving the viewer to become the author of a contemporary poetics generated by the artist’s initial saving image. In the collective imagination, therefore, the production of portraits becomes important and meaningful, where the personality of the different subjects is left to the indelible mark of the red color, a summary of an identity denunciation of being present in a current moment of fear, distressing enslavement and desired ransom; images that synthesize and represent different identities that are not at all stereotyped. Her works are in numerous permanent collections in public and private bodies, in museums, in archives and in contemporary art galleries, including: MADRE Museum in Naples. In 2016 she was included in the CONTEMPORARY ART ATLAS in Naples and Campania, by Loredana Troise, curated by Vincenzo Trione – for the Research and Documentation project of the MADRE Museum – Naples. Ed. Electa.



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