The European directive on disposable plastics forgets plastic cups

In Italy between 16 and 20 million plastic cups are consumed per day (according to an estimate by Plastic Consult), but they have not been included in the European Directive on the prohibition of disposable plastic that includes plates and cutlery instead. The directive provides that all Member States must prohibit, by 2021, the use of disposable plastic products most frequently found at sea such as cutlery (forks, knives, spoons and chopsticks), plates, straws, cotton-swabs in non-biodegradable plastic , plastic balloons sticks, expanded polystyrene cups and food containers. Member States will also have to ensure that at least 50% of the lost or abandoned plastic fishing gear containing plastic is collected each year, with a recycling target of at least 15% by 2025. All measures will help reduce the bulk of plastic waste at sea of ​​50% by 2025 and 80% by 2030. As part of the #StopSingleUsePlastic campaign,  Marevivo association is launching an appeal to ban plastic cups. These are disposable products that are often found on the beach and represent about 20% of marine litter. The association considers it essential that the Government, in the act of transposing the EU directive, also include the prohibition of the use of plastic cups, as already provided for other products. An integration that would allow our country to be at the forefront and that will certainly be considered positively by the European Commission. “With an overwhelming majority – commented Raffella Giugni, head of institutional relations at Marevivo – Europe has said stop to disposable plastic. As with non-biodegradable cotton swabs and microplastics in cosmetics, we expect Italy to be among the first European countries to take action to implement the directive by including plastic cups. Marevivo has long made its proposals for the approval of the Salvamare Law and now, that there is also the favor of the European Parliament, it is necessary to act. As an association we have also raised awareness of the impact produced by cigarette butts and we are pleased that there are measures in the directive to counter the problem. Pollution from plastics in the sea is an emergency to be faced because there is no more time ». To support the appeal also the Knights of the Sea of ​​Marevivo like Andy Bianchedi: “I have chosen to support this association because I share its aims and the ways that lead to actions with concrete results. I am fighting with Marevivo to eliminate disposable plastic, supporting the #StopSingleUsePlastic campaign. It is not clear why plastic cups were not included in the legislation; only in Italy do we consume between 6 and 7 billion a year and it is absurd to think of continuing like this. Glasses should also be banned, the European directive can still be improved ».