The Editorial

“A dream carried by the wind”. This is the romantic motto of Società velica di Barcola e Grignano, the association of passionate sailors who gave rise to the Barcolana of Trieste fifty-one years ago, the spectacular regatta that in half a century of activity has achieved fame and world records and, above all, earned prestige also thanks to the suggestions that the marine and terrestrial landscape of Trieste can offer. Barcolana is a sports competition, there is no doubt; but in its essence there is the story of a beautiful, very scenic area, on which the strings of nostalgia and expectation vibrate, where the Mediterranean and continental Europe crave to meet. The poster of the regatta, created this year with the pop variations by the artist Olimpia Zagnoli, expresses an invitation where the image of the Gulf refers to an embrace, while the flower in the foreground symbolizes the beauty and delicacy of a territory to protect. In the poster, of course, the boats also appear in the exciting phase of departure: this is the most significant moment of the “spirit of barcolana”, inherited from the founders, when without distinction, without compensation, without differences, without tonnage, everyone starts the adventure from a single starting line that unites the experienced navigator to the simple enthusiast, the world champion to the unknown neophyte, sailing emblazoned ships with anonymous boats. The wooden tub starts together with the very expensive carbon boat. Afterwards, one disperses into the blue of the sea, where everyone is called to interpret the journey in his own way and then make a memory of it, a song, a story, some verses. After all, isn’t sailing “a poem as old as the world”?