Smart Health, the technology you wear

Can we really think of a world without diseases? It could become reality with the help of wearable technology, increasingly discreet and less invasive, able to constantly monitor the main vital signs. Concretely, diseases would most likely continue to manifest themselves, but technology is progressively shifting its attention from diagnostics and therapy to the prevention and interception of pathologies. The “intelligent digital wearable technology” keeps track of parameters and healthy behavior for a long period of time in order to analyze huge amounts of data and identify risk and triggers factors. There are several public and private institutes in the world that deal with scientific research with the maximum technological support: among the best known is IMEC, with its all-in-one CHIP solution called MUSEIC, able to monitor in a discreet and intelligent way different vital signs. Even Italy does not lag behind, indeed a young start-up based in Rome, in collaboration with University Biomedical Campus, Lazio Region and European Union, coordinated by biomedical Ing. Giulia Di Tomaso, has developed the system called HE.RE.MO.S. (Health Remote Monitoring System): it is a wearable system that allows the continuous monitoring of the patient’s vital parameters to evaluate, follow and analyze his health in and out of hospitals, thus offering the opportunity to shorten the period of hospitalization and reduce the rate of readmission in hospitals. Thanks to Heremos, medical operators, family members and specialized operators can watch over the patient remotely. Specific alerts indicate in real time the onset of any change in the patient’s health status, allowing prompt intervention if necessary. Heremos is based on an innovative wireless sensor system, where each sensor is dedicated to monitoring a specific vital parameter.