Portugal in author’s shots

The ancient Lusitania, the south-western part of Europe, is a wonderful place overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, once considered the limit of the known world but also the stimulus to the descobrimentos, that is the era of geographical discoveries that right here found a great impulse. The coastal area, which covers about 850 kilometers, can be understood as a single large nature reserve and is characterized by the variety of landscapes: sometimes low and sandy, sometimes rocky headlands with inlets overlooking the sea. And it is precisely the coastal area that represents the identity and cultural element of the country, so much so that a Portuguese saying states: “The earth divides us from Europe, to which instead the sea unites us”. In fact, even the hinterland offers suggestions with its wide plains, its landscape marked by olive trees, vineyards and wheat, its forests and hills that connect with the Spanish highlands: beautiful cities, farms and villages with white houses and from the blue windows that shine in the sun of this border land. Every corner of this country is full of poetry and natural beauty. The climate is pleasant, a little mediterranean and a bit oceanic, with the Atlantic tempering the hot summer evenings. Whether it’s the city-museum of Évora or the crowded Portimao, in the southern region of the Algarve; whether it is the tranquil Alentejo, with its enchanting rural landscapes, or the evocative Church of Our Lady of Alcamé; that it is the exciting scenery of the port of Carrasqueira, with its piers supported by stilts that extend towards the horizon, or the rocks along the spectacular Peniche peninsula overlooking the ocean: everything contributes to defining the beauty in a wonderful way of the Portuguese landscape. These shots have the desire to bring you to the place, to give you a taste of the natural and cultural heritage of a country rich in fertile lands and sea, which has a lot to offer and presents excellent places to visit and to know. Without neglecting the excellent gastronomy and the proverbial affability and hospitality of its people.