Italy by kayak

from Veneto to Liguria: 3000 km of coastline in 104 days.

It is well known that Italy is beautiful. I cannot therefore say that I have discovered beauties, but this does not mean that I have never been a witness to it. On May 21st of the past year, with my brother Lorenzo, I left Venice aboard a kayak with the sole aim of reaching Genoa by rowing. From the unusual ambition a slow journey was born (told in the blog, whose main prerogative was the different perspective. Sea guests we observed the mainland. Veneto, Emilia Romagna, Marche, Abruzzo, Puglia and then up to the first Lucanian section and complete the Ionian Sea through Calabria. Finally the Tyrrhenian from the strait to rise, touching again  Basilicata, then Campania, Lazio, Toscana arriving definitively in Genoa, in the coveted Liguria. As a sailor, I often asked myself how long these three thousand kilometers of coasts actually were, traveled with the strength of the arms alone. I was looking for an equivalence in terms of hours and at the same time I tried to imagine the number of paddles that would have filled that distance. Instead, as a spectator, I enjoyed the variety of everything that, standing still, flowed under our moving gaze. As guests, however, our attention naturally focused on the sea, and it did not take many steps to highlight a problem – which by its very nature – cannot be hidden: plastic floats at sea. I think it is sufficient to look at one of the sadly invaded areas of assorted plastic waste to trigger the due reflections. Although we started from Piazza San Marco driven by reasons that were completely foreign to any form of environmental battle, we decided to take one of the initiatives aimed at protecting the environment. BlueKayakDay is an awareness project established by MareVivo, Canoe and Kayak division in collaboration with the same Italian Canoe Kayak Federation (FICK). After having supported it, today we want to invite everyone to do the same. If I wanted to take stock of what we have seen along our coasts – dismissing the issue in economic terms – I would say that in Italy the operating result is certainly not proportional to the assets. In other words, in order to fully enjoy the natural beauties we have, we must first protect them. Here is the reason for the invitation.