Recording images and sensations and translating them into color and shapes

She has been painting for over forty years, even though her artistic character initially manifested itself in the field of singing, music and acting, while she completed her university studies in law. Seduced by art in all its facets, the various languages, painting and writing, are complementary and inseparable for this artist. Often her work comes from a creative, unplanned urgency. One morning she wakes up with images inside, a mix of emotions that she translates into painting, photography, writing or whatever. Sometimes she uses images from illustrated magazines, which she reinterprets on various supports, a sort of transporter through painting and various techniques, canvases, boards, cardboard or handpiece with various techniques depending on the need, spreading them on the surface; here are born original bas-reliefs and ironic “characters” like “Miss PIN “made of foam rubber and other materials for reuse. Apollonia believes that painting is a revolutionary act and despite the many expressions of so-called “contemporary” art, painting resists the many junk that often circulate in the field of art, today reduced to a jumble of unlikely “works of art”, ready made. Many people want to make art as if it were an algorithm. In her paintings, she often breaks the canons of beauty to which we are accustomed in this society of appearing: to be beautiful at all costs. Here are born faces that express a sort of transfiguration of reality, faces, bodies that arise from intense colors and vibrant brushstrokes. Resisting the multimedia temptations, which, although they fascinate her, prefers the physicality of painting. In an age in which technology prevails, she reinvents a world populated by “other” images, the result of research within her world. For a long time she has been creating faces that laugh soaked in strong colors and intense expressiveness, and made it a manifesto as an antidote to the negativity that life entails; she believes that everyone should live in their own environment with a “smiling face” that inspires strength and serenity. We report, on this trail, her work depicting the face of a smiling woman, Victory, a hymn to positivity.