The Editorial

of Fabio Lagonia

Why did we decide to dedicate the cover to Guglielmo Marconi? There are many reasons and among these there is the recurrence of a memorable date, March 28, 1899, the day on which the first international radio-telegraphic communication took place. At a distance of one hundred and twenty years from that amazing event we could run the risk of diminishing its scope since, now, and in a habitual way, we handle with certain familiarity cell phones, smartphones, tablets, satellite navigators. But we do not want and we must not forget that if all this is possible today, it is due to the experiments that this very young Italian began to do in the attic of his country house, which then landed in wireless communications. The most extraordinary revolution since the time of the Gutenberg press. But there’s more: the vision, which precedes the result. And that unites genius wherever it is exercised. Communications between individuals, peoples and worlds have certainly changed form over the millennia, but their substance remains unchanged and unchangeable: the meeting and exchange of information. Therefore, in this issue, we will also talk about the Red Sea papyri, discovered in Wadi el-Jarf and dating back to 4500 years ago, which contain valuable data to learn more about the ancient Egyptian civilization; and the Statutes of silk in Catanzaro, in whose pages, yellowed by the 500 years that this document carries, there is a wonderful description in the vernacular of the rules for the silk industry. March is also the month in which, in 1585, the Accademia della Crusca was born, “which has for its purpose the universal benefit and the glory and the eternity of our language”. And it is always in March that the world day of poetry is celebrated on the first day of spring, to signify, in this case, the privileged role of poetic expression in promoting dialogue, communication and relationships. Objective pursued, albeit in other forms, by the Mediterranea Project, a nautical and cultural initiative started in 2014 that aims to meet, covering about 20,000 miles, the great minds of the Mediterranean, the philosophers, the writers. People and places. A project undertaken because it was necessary to do it, because trying is always better than not trying at all.