“Mediterranea Project” Surfing to understand, know, meet, discover.

The Mediterranean as a model. The Mediterranean, the backbone of a new civilization. The Mediterranean, the cradle of a new Renaissance. We were born inside, we grew up. We have read it, studied it, the pages of our literature are impregnated. We could not ignore, not listen to the voices that from the other side of the bank, the one to the south, attracted our attention. We decided to do it, to leave. Simone Perotti, writer-sailor, creator of the “Mediterranea Project”, dreamed of this project since ever, since the first moments when he was still a child on sailing boats and this desire, in the practice of writing and constant study of texts and of the documents that led him to the publication of numerous novels and essays, it always remained there, in a corner of his mind, waiting. And as sometimes happens, that desire has come true. “Progetto Mediterranea”, the nautical, cultural and scientific expedition, took off from the Adriatic coast in May 2014 and has since sailed for long periods every year and covered thousands of miles, from Italy to Greece to Turkey to the Black Sea , the coasts of Lebanon and Israel, and then Cyprus and again Greece, the Europe of France and Spain, and then the Atlantic of the Rock of Gibraltar and the coasts of Portugal, until the Tagus of Lisbon, final stage of the route 2018. The long journey of Mediterranea will end in Genoa on October 12, 2019, after having covered the last few miles in the sea that bathes the Maghreb and after having climbed the Tyrrhenian Italy, touching the main coastal cities. You navigate to understand, know, meet, discover. Years of navigation, months and months along the coasts of the Mediterranean have led us to understand with greater force how complex, varied and intricate is the plot that composes the Mediterranean identity. And precisely because of this understanding, we have supported the idea of ​​a united Mediterranean, of a unique people, without borders, which is recognized only in the cultural root, the Mediterranean one, from which we originate, in the differences that unite us, in the diversities that attract us. Mediterranean, island of water surrounded by land, this is our field of action. We are convinced that the recognition of our nature at risk of stumbling is instead a reason for growth and enrichment. The journey of Mediterranea led us to meet the great minds of the Mediterranean, the philosophers, the writers, where the thought of man emerges from the trace of intellectual domination, determined to dig the path of a different vision of society, the community of peoples, of humanity. We left because it was necessary to do it, because the Mediterranean exists and it is not our abyss. We left because none of us found one day to say: “I wanted to go, I did not go”. We left, because trying is always better than not trying at all.