Journey to Oman, the Sultanate of wonders

Our trip to Oman has “begun” at Expo 2015. Yes, because frankly we did not know Oman until then. Unfortunately, the dramatic history of the nearby Yemen (to this day more and more painful and inhuman) canceled any “tourist” interest in that area of ​​the globe. But Oman struck us like a love at first sight. I, my husband and my daughter, just two years old, were visiting the pavilions of the Universal Exposition in Milan, and we fell in love with the Sultanate: the story of the Illuminated Sultan who with his good work built in forty-eight years ( to date) a country of peace and collective wellbeing, enhancing the potential of unspoilt nature between ocean, desert, mountains, millennial incense trees, all without overdoing in pindaric constructions but designed and executed with precise rules in respect of tradition and of the territory (with his edict the Sultan Qaboos Bin Said, the last descendant of the dynasty Al Bu Sa Idi has imposed that any new construction can not exceed 91 meters in height of the minaret of the Grand Mosque). So from the capital, Muscat, to the areas in constant growth and transformation, all new buildings respect the canons of architecture desired by the Sultan; with sober elegance because for the Omanites nature is the true fulcrum to respect, to praise and to exalt. Here, all this sense of harmony, peace and collective well-being that was “sold” at Expo2015 we then found it really in Oman! We left at the end of last October from Milan Malpensa with the national airline company Oman Air. A comfortable journey of six and a half hours to the capital Muscat, and then a second internal flight to Salalah. A majestic landscape, mountains with almost extraterrestrial horizons, kilometers of beaches, of desert, of reddish dunes and the sea of ​​an exciting blue-green. All pristine. An immense territory of 310 thousand square kilometers, for only four million inhabitants, crossed by wide, perfectly paved roads that connect Oman in its entirety. Landed, thirty degrees, dry heat, no wind. Pleasant, not sultry. Every day, strictly 50-level protection at sea and in the pool and we managed to get a very long-lasting tan. We spent six magnificent days. Salalah is almost three hours drive from the desert but we opted for three shorter trips and anyway all advisable and interesting. The Archaeological Park, practically attached to the Resort; the very scenic walk along the sea and beautiful at sunset; the old shops where everything is found, especially the Omani incense used to perfume the rooms and particularly appreciated for its medicinal properties (many do not know that the purest is also edible). And again giant and very precious dates. Oman, is one of the revelation countries of 2018 and one of the safest in the Arabian Peninsula, a fascinating place full of colors, aromas and flavors, populated by respectful people and kind ways. The Omani rose is the basis of many perfumes including some fragrances of the famous Amouage, the perfume, it is said, more expensive in the world, is used for the production of attar, the water of omanita roses, which in addition to being an effective homeopathic remedy to treat headaches, it is used as a panacea for the skin, as a fragrance and to flavor coffee and chocolate. Finally, after the meal, it is used to sprinkle guests as a sign of respect. Oman smells of incense, roses, mint tea and on the streets instead of chaotic traffic “the Sultanate of wonders” offers incredible encounters with herds of camels. We have seen thousands of them on a tour to discover the incense tree, between souks and fortresses, pristine oases, canyons and palm plantations, glimpses of the sea and fabulous gaisers. A daydream. To go there. And to come back.