Willem Dafoe and Julian Schnabel receive the Mimmo Rotella Foundation Award in Venice

Willem Dafoe and Julian Schnabel were the exceptional protagonists of the XVIII edition of the Foundation Award Mimmo Rotella, collateral event of the prestigious International Exhibition of Cinematographic Art of Venice, which took place from 29 August September 8th. The award, whose artistic direction is entrusted to Gianvito Casadonte, is made with the support of the Ministero dei Beni e delle Attività Culturali and of Consiglio regionale of Calabria Region. The award entitled to the famous artist from Catanzaro, undisputed protagonist of the NouveauRéalisme and pop-art – of which the centenary occurs this year – was conceived with the goal of sealing the harmonious and stimulating union between figurative art and cinema. In this way the claim of the Japanese master Akira Kurosawa can undoubtedly make the idea better: «The cinema encloses in many other arts; as well as features of the literature,equally has its own connotations of the theater, a philosophical aspect and attributes marked by painting, to sculpture, to music “. This year’s two candidates have a particular link with art. Julian Schnabel, celebrated director of “Before Night” and “The Diving Bell and the butterfly “- for which it was awarded in Cannes – presented in Venice his biopic “At Eternity’s Gate “dedicated the last, tormented years of Vincent Van Gogh. Coming from New York, specifically from Brooklin, he has conquered a space in the field of painting for his large dimension of the canvases but also for the activity in the fields of design, screenplay and direction. His works,  from sculpture to painting, are exposed in museums and collections of everything the world, from the MOMA of New York to the Guggenheim in Bilbao. The restless Dutch painter is interpreted by a surprising Willem Dafoe, actor with dual citizenship US and Italian, which has reached international fame in1986 with Platoon by Oliver Stone and that last year had the Oscar Nomination for “The Florida project”. The great interpreter brought to the big screen gesture of the eccentric Van Gogh, giving back the incredible originality of his poetry and the many nuances of his soul.