Towards Santiago de Compostela

Nothing and nobody happens by chance in our path

Describing a journey is truly an hard thing. It is already my third experience yet: in the first time I have done it  following the so-called “English journey”, or journey of the North, which leaves from Ferrol and runs for around one hundred and twenty kilometers long the coast between the mountains and the Cantabrian Sea, immersed in an authentic and wild nature; the other two, however, following the most popular route, called “French way”, that starts from Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port on the French Pyrenees then continue to Roncisvalle on the Spanish side and then cross the territories of La Rioja and Castilla and León for eight hundred kilometers. They have been traveled since the ninth century epoch which dates back to the discovery of the tomb of St. James the Major, from which the Spanish city takes its name.Despite these experiences already consummated, I confess to still fail to identify well what it consists of the magic of the journey to Santiago de Compostela. But one thing is certain: it is addictive! I will try to describe emotions very briefly and the stimuli received in the three different experiences. One of common and established things, which however is a must to specify, is that the journey begins long before his physical path: the true path begins when your mind is already thinking about it. This according to me happens due to an undefined requirement, “something is wrong”. This “It’s not” is just something, it’s not all! It is the need that a thinking mind, endowed with values ​​and principles, must face to make ends meet. Thus began the profit waste of time in choosing the path, getting ready physically, in dosing the stages to own abilities, in buying the necessary equipment, looking for the means and methods of reaching the place of departure. Problems and details of the second floor that surely they must be evaluated carefully but which are of little use for achieving the fullness of the journey. Solved almost all organizational problems, take over doubts of other nature: will I be able to physically succeed? will I be able to adapt?How will they do without me? How can I leave everything and go? I spontaneously asked: and if I discovered that my body can do it, that my spirit of adaptation it is high, that others can live, even better, without me? Maybe it’s better not to leave, do not give initium to anything that could get worse my situation! And that’s how I begin to fill the my backpack, trying to pay attention not to load it more than necessary and eliminating the superfluous so as not to tire the body. Without considering the other backpack already loaded since birth. Is it perhaps not true that from the first moan we bring an infinity of weights? Theskin color, surname and name, provenance, the economic situation, etc., etc. We do not have the time to be born that someone has already done for us choices that will mark our lives. Education, studies, the affective and sentimental sphere, the economic situation, the religion, political ideas, work. How much stuff: too much! However, in the very personal backpack you will not only find things negative, and looking for … find what you need in the moments when your body would like to give up. I refer in particular to the dearest affections, the so-called strong pieces, with their common saying, whims, and time recommendations and so everything flows in semi-fluency. Muscle pains ebones are present, but you find more benefits in the memory of loved ones. Reasons to thank the Creator during the journey are really many. Nature is wonderful. The colors of the flowers on the street, the magnificent hydrangeas and many and many other flowers, plantations of corn, sunflowers, trees that with their height tell you how big is still the climb and then the pilgrims … I believe that nothing and nobody happens by chance in our path. A much larger project has established that encounter, that look and that exchange of words that you will take inside for a lifetime. “I look for itmyself in the woods and you? “. “I’m here to check myself”. A few words, see that image of woman walking with a long blue cobalt skirt,  the collected reddish hair and her ability to fall in love of creation has conquered one of my mornings.Some chat exchange and then the terrible one question that puts me point blank: “Who is God for you?”. I answer: “God is everything, he is indefinable. And for you?”. “God is naturalness. ” I can only nod and in that beautiful and evocative places I invite her to stop, to do silence, to breathe in deeply and I say “Deus ibi East”. Now God is also in you. After a few days the physique responds and allows you to arrive before so many pilgrims seen in the previous days, and arrived at the stages before you. Boom! One of the many teachings of the journey. Do not envy, use the others as an example to improve yourself and recognize them the right value without belittling. I Walk, I admire the birds and butterflies twirling amorously on my way, I look at the sky and I thank God for everything what he gave me. Above all for suffering that he knew how to dose without making me leave from Him. He knows my shoulders and my strength eHe knows what he can load on me. I think of my children, joy and delight of my life. Sons of this world towardswhich I have the duty to leave the world better than how I found it. I enter Santiago with a few teardrops. Plaza del Obradoiro, the most important of the historic center of Santiago, it’s beautiful, located right in front of the main entrance of the Cathedral. I sit on the ground in front of the Sanctuary and I fill my eyes, I think of home to my dear ones, to my woman who understands and understands me and sometimes, even suffering, she lets me do it without suffocating me; I think of my Italian teacher of the high schools that asked me for a prayer and accompanied me every day, morning and night, with an affectionate thought. I arrived to the destination but what I liked and what improved me was the path. The abstraction from everyday life has made me well, suffering did me good, taking some time has done me good. I re-baled, I made peace with my microcosm, I take mine time. And yes, my personal backpack is now much more light, I eliminated part of the weight that – I decided – I will not need it for my prosecution. Maybe I’m back more human, I want to greet everyone as soon as I leave the house, an hello or a good evening brings me closer to the people like a thank you, please or excuse me. It is no longer the useless education imposed like a parrot, is a felt word that means “thank you for existing my peer”. One last warning: do not be fooled to go home like tender lambs, the introspective journey makes you look like a drone from above what goes and what should be eliminated or addressed in a completely different way! I can only wish you a buen camino, remembering a nice exhortation valid for all pilgrims: Ultreya