The name you always gave me

From a true story, a short film about eternal love

“I’m still me, and you’re still you”. Thus began the short movie “The name you always gave me” directed by Giuseppe Alessio Nuzzo, born in 1989. A film with strong and warm colors, those of the sun and the sea but at the same time the beauty of melancholic memories. An off voice accompanies the whole story, or rather, the emotions triggered by the thought of yesterday, of what has been and will not be. “The name you always gave me” is marked by a repetitive gesture, not obsessive but necessary. The gesture of an elderly man who carries a framed photograph of his wife every day and sits on a low wall looking, staring at the sea and keeping silent. Giuseppe Alessio Nuzzo with this short film does not look to the south as his land and to promote, but widens his vision and looks at the man alone who makes a solemn, solitary and unusual gesture in a society where everything runs fast, too fast, without allowing more the possibility of savoring pain, death, lost love. From the director’s notes by Giuseppe Alessio Guzzo we read: “that seafront in Gaeta where the man stops every time reminds him of his wife, when they were bathing together. And back there, perhaps to get back in touch with that love lost years ago, when his wife died. A pure feeling that does not seem to know borders. To accompany the journey through time, in the memories, between present, past and future, a poem about  love and death of St. Augustine that makes the images even stronger and more poignant, studied as paintings, touches of color on a canvas of landscapes poorly used by cinema and television, those on the coast between Formia and Gaeta, called “Riviera di Ulisse”. “The name you always gave me” is the fable of eternal love. An example of how cinema can do and still be poetry. To accomplish this artistic and cinematographic act Guzzo uses the words of St. Augustine of “Death is Nothing”. An exciting text, sometimes suffocating, both for the beauty hidden in every letter and for the intensity of the concept: the eternal feeling. “I’m still me, and you’re still you. We are still what we were before each other. Call me with the name you have always given me, which is familiar to you; talk to me in the same affectionate way you have always used. Do not change tone of voice, do not assume a solemn or sad air. Keep laughing at what made us laugh, about those little things that we liked so much when we were together, “says a verse. Only an example of a few verses that accompany the succession of images and the intensity of each movement, look, breath of the protagonist of this short film.
The short film “The name you always gave me” starring Mariano Rigillo with Anna Teresa Rossini, Marco Rosso Cacciapuoti and Fabiola Dalla Chiara. “For the identification of the protagonist” – the director writes in the notes – “I had no doubt: when we started composing the first lines of the script I immediately referred to Mariano Rigillo, as if his image, his physicality, his great humanity, suggested what to write and how to compose the character and the narration “. The particularity of this project, beyond the poetic intuition, sweet and fresh, lies in its format of recording and diffusion. In fact, the film has been realized both in vertical format and in horizontal format in order to make available and available history and images through large and small screen or smartphone. Among other works by Giuseppe Alessio Guzzo: “The truth” with Francesco Montanari, Nicoletta Romanoff, Fabrizio Nevola, Anna Safroncik; and “Letters to my daughter” with Leo Gullotta, with whom he won the Giffoni Film Festival in 2016. Not only a young director but ambitious director of the Social World Film Festival, whose eighth edition will be held from 29 July to 5 August 2019 in Vico Equense.