The editorial of Fabio Lagonia

Birth and rebirth: although spring is the season that typically refers to these meanings, we have taken some symbolic and cultural cues also for the December magazine. First of all, the theme of Christmas which, for excellence and for Christians, is God himself who becomes man for the salvation of humanity, and whose traces are visible in stories, myths and legends present in the Mediterranean basin. Birth and rebirth, start and start again. It is not a matter of philosophical questions but of concrete afferences of the real and existential meaning that, in many cases, concern everyday life and our commitment to start again, to try new paths. This is what the Lumière brothers did, who, in a day in December of the year 1859, projected the first film in history, thus linking their brilliant intuition to the birth of cinema, a new art, new professions, new ways to stir up emotions. Or like the millenary rites of the harvest, then the wine that comes from grapes. Rebirth can also be that of a territory or an entrepreneur: we talk about L’Intrepida in Anghiari, the vintage bike ride that takes place in December through the history and the Tuscan countryside, already in itself an excellent symbol of rebirth and of the Renaissance; but also how Ivano Trombino, in the Calabrian territory, brings to life the Antico Magazzino Doganale to make it the center of rural liqueur production. Sometimes it is enough to see oneself under a different point of view to stimulate a new beginning. So in this issue we have also hosted the ninety-three Leonardo Bellaspiga, who through his Indian Ink drawings invites us to leave for a journey that knows no customs or borders. December, moreover, is also the month in which Christian Barnard, in the year 1967, carried out the first heart transplant in the world. And the heart, we know, immediately leads our mind to reflect on our existence: “his heartbeat is the very sign of life, of its wonderful and unstoppable flow, of the time we are allowed to choose who to be and what to believe “.