The Dell’Aera family, five generations of love for wine

In the center of the Bay of Squillace, between the beautiful and sunny lands of Calabria, there is the Dell’Aera farm. Located in the municipality of Soveria Simeri (Catanzaro), it covers an area of ​​about twenty hectares, among well exposed hills that host the vineyards and fertile plains of peach and nectarine orchards. The love for wine, fruit of a passion handed down for five generations, has oriented the company to the transformation of the grapes with the aim of enhancing the experience of over one hundred years in the sector. The Dell’Aera winery has been rigorously designed and built in full respect of the environment, both for the use of eco-sustainable materials and for the production of energy that takes place through a photovoltaic system. The available implant technologies are state of the art; they allow us to take care of winemaking in every detail and to enhance the work that, combined with the practice and experience of generations of winemakers, ensures that the products offer an unforgettable gustatory and olfactory experience, thanks also to the precious collaboration of the oenologist Giuseppe Liotti. Inside, only the grapes produced by the farm itself are transformed to make sure that the entire supply chain is traced and followed in all its phases. The true soul of this centenary agricultural enterprise is the more than fifteen hectares of vines, placed on average around 200 meters above sea level, where predominantly the surfaces dedicated to autochthonous vines such as Gaglioppo and Nerello Calabrese prevail for the Red Grapes, Montonico and Pecorello for White Grapes. Also, to a lesser extent, prestigious national and international varieties are planted. The harvest is made according to ancient traditions and harvesting is done strictly by hand, but only after careful evaluation of the ripening of the grapes. A noteworthy role is played by fruit growing, another sector in which the Dell’Aera farm operates: it is mainly peaches and nectarines, planted on five hectares of plains and cultivated with the most advanced agronomic techniques. These crops in the mild spring seasons of flowering paint the landscape of the Dell’Aera farm with cascades of pink petals. A very suggestive landscape, which anticipates and prefigures the gustative aspect. An experience that contains passion, work, dedication, respect for the environment and nature.