The artistic and civil promise of Anne de Carbuccia to save the beauty of the planet

When artistic talent is combined with a good cause, putting itself totally at the service, the result is always to be praised. Anne de Carbucciais an artist of American origin who lives between Milan and New York. She has traveled for years in the most extreme places of the planet, photographing places, animals and culture at risk of extinction, creating at the same time temporary symbolic installations aimed at documenting and preserving the memory of what is being lost. It’s a real mission because she strongly feels the need to do something useful for the protection of the planet.That’s why at a certain point of  her life she thought about the One Planet One Future project and and set upthe Time Shrine Foundation: these are initiatives through which, with the use of  her  artistic photographs, she spreads awareness about the threats that man creates to the environment in which he lives, to the damage he causes to the planet: drought, pollution, species extinction, wars. So that the new generations risk – and unfortunately they are already concretely risking – to lose themselves beauty and wealth. It is a battle to which she dedicates herself with passion because -s he says – “we are in a state of urgency”. Anne de Carbuccia’senergetic idea is to promote sustainable lifestyles and to draw attention to the environmental crisis of our times, inviting us to reflect and change habits of consumption and behavior.One Planet One Future shows off photographs, installations, videos and conferences to document everything , and it does so with such scrupulousness to force us to think “how much more we have, how much we can lose and how much we have lost “. Public institutes and museums in Europe and America, as well as numerous private collections, have already hosted  its images and its passionate and just sensitizations: it is precisely the artistic means to allow the expression of meaning with a universal language , understandable to all, valid at any latitude, for all cultures, for any belief.Because the planet is the common home. And photography – her great love since when she was thirteen – it’s definitely the most immediate form of complaint. Anne de Carbucciamakesherown shots in settings that are at the same time a tribute to the elements in danger and an examination ruthless of the disastrous effects causedby  man’snefariusbehaviors. The artistic theme that sheusesis vanitas, whilehourglass and skull are usedto symbolize time and transienceof life: with these elements- and with others she finds on the spot- creates installations in terrestrial landscapesor marine, all harbingers of meaningsenvironmental. She definesthemastimeshrine, time-honors, whichinvite us to reflect on beauty and fragility of our planet: «The skull is not a symbol of death but reminds us that we should use the time that we pass on the earth for purposes constructive. ” After having been in 2016 in Munich, in 2017 in Milan and in Moscow, the One Planet One Future project is on show in Naples from 23 June until September 30th, within the medieval Castel dell’Ovo in onespace called SaladelleCarceri. The images of the exhibition deal with the themes of water, plastics, gods animals and cultures at risk. Furthermore, in the spring just passed, Anne de Carbucciahasrealized a “time sanctuary” in the area  of the Vesuvius park destroyed by a fire.