Materia, Art, Design. Mediterranean inspirations.

As part of the Materia – Indipendent Design Festival event, held in Catanzaro from September 20th to 23rd, a special session called “Materia Arte. L’arredamento mediterraneo interpretato dagli artistiwas held. Giuseppe Barilaro, Marco Ronda, Francesco Barilaro, Valeria Dardano, Ignazio Schifano and Dario Agrimi confronted each other and gave their personal interpretation to the typical furniture of the Mediterranean material culture: doors, chests, beds, showcases, chairs. The approach is predominantly artistic and not of design, since they intervene on objects designed by others and therefore already steeped in history. The declared goal is to make the art world interact with that of design. The exhibition – promoted by Polo Museale of the Province of Catanzaro, directed by Rosetta Alberto, and by the Rocco Guglielmo Foundation – was set up inside the Marca Museum and was born from an idea of ​​the Festival’s artistic director, Fabio Rotella, and curated by Mario Verre. The objects revisited by these artists have thus interacted with the works that are part of the museum’s permanent collections, containing authors from the sixteenth to the twentieth century such as Antonello de Saliba, Battistello Caracciolo, Andrea Cefaly, Francesco Jerace, to name a few. What motivated artists to try their hand at this expressive form was not the nostalgic rethinking of Mediterranean decor, but the attempt to use memory to project actions in a future-oriented direction. One of the aforementioned artists, Francesco Barilaro, has also exhibited from 1 June until 30 September in another museum of the Calabrian capital, the MUSMI, with “Impossible Places”: twenty sculptures in which the young author from Cotronei (KR) – that together with his brother Giuseppe is certainly one of the most interesting expressions among young talents – deals with the war theme, fishing from the inexhaustible iconographic tank offered by the news of bombed cities and military conflicts.
Barilaro has proposed images of landscapes devastated by military interventions, impossible to live in, and has brought them into a serene, timeless dimension.