Ferrari, a prancing passion!

The Catanzaro club is among the top ten in the world

It has already been written that Ferrari does not produce cars but dreams. That it is a myth is equally well known, as well as being the most prestigious brand in the world. Everything is due to its founder, Enzo Ferrari (1898-1988), a solitary and courageous character who in Italy still injured in the immediate post-war period has the ability to build cars of the best quality, creating a company that leads to the planetary top and transforming it in a legend. Literally bewitched by Tazio Nuvolari, the greatest driver of “the past, present and future”, Enzo Ferrari shows winning managerial skills to the point of being nicknamed “Drake”, as the pugnacious and determined corsair, always able to guess what it was better for his team. It is no coincidence that the myth soon took possession of the Ferrari cars and that over time there have been so many admirers. So in 2006 the Scuderia Ferrari Club was created, a consortium company with the aim of coordinating the activities of the many fans gathered in clubs and operating all over the world. There are 180 of those officially recognized, spread in twenty countries. Among the national clubs, the Ferrari Club Catanzaro was founded in 1982 thanks to the passion of Mimmo Tiriolo: after several correspondences and a meeting in Maranello with the creator of the Mito, the engineer Enzo Ferrari, he decided to open a club in the Calabrian main town. Thanks also to the contribution of Salvatore Mancuso in 1985, the Catanzaro club obtained directly from the “Drake” the status of official Ferrari club. The activity goes on with motoring events, vision of grand prix and social and solidarity activities. The purpose of the association is to combine the show and the prestige of the brand with the concept of solidarity, so much so that it has been possible to provide some contribution to support the health and welfare activities of the Calabrian territory. Evidently the club’s focus remains Ferrari events in Calabria, which always see the participation of over eighty cars. The Club is currently chaired by Mimmo Tiriolo and has over 300 registered members, having for many years been a protagonist in the Scuderia Ferrari Club world rankings, and is among the top 10 world rankings, a source of pride for all members.