FAMILY TRAINING – Family opportunity for growth

Family Training is an extraordinary event all dedicated to families, scheduled from 14 to 16 September 2018: an international campus designed to improve the educational relationship and the quality of communication between adults and children, between games, fun, multidisciplinary laboratories, theoretical pills and moments of comparison. All in a frame of rare splendor, real but also evocative, that is the Archaeological Park Scolacium, the ancient Roman city, less known than the older sister Pompei, but of charm and suggestion certainly comparable. Family Training is a project conceived and conducted by the Foundation Patrizio Paoletti, recognized by the MIUR for teacher training, engaged in socio-psycho-pedagogical research applied to educational practice but not only. This proposal comes to Calabria thanks to the fruitful collaboration between Paoletti Foundation and Armonie d’Arte Foundation, Ministero dei Beni Archeologici e Culturali – Polo Museale, Terre di Pace Association and Sognare Insieme Viaggi per la logistica Tour operator. It is thanks to this synergy that after about twenty years of conducting in Assisi, birthplace of the lucky project, Family Training arrives in Calabria, aiming to accommodate families from everywhere, combining the virtuous message of the project to the enhancement of territorial beauties. Not surprisingly, the three-day event of September is hosted within the cultural and artistic programming of Armonie d’Arte Festival, tip of the foundation of the same name,which houses the greatest international artists, bringing to Calabria a rare, as precious example of enhancement of cultural heritage. The originality of Family Training, which take place in the land of Bronzi, Pythagoras, Cassiodorus, Giacchino da Fiore, Tommaso Campanella, Corrado Alvaro and many others from Calabria, is mainly in two aspects. Suggest a more vision aware and advantageous of the family relationships, with the help of the neuro-psycho-pedagogical research, starting from a cornerstone of tradition, meridodinal archetypicity, that is family. And do it by enhancing in the eyes of the world also places of great charm and authentic beauty, too often not properly recognized. Reality  that, if explored and valued thoroughly, they can represent real growth resources and personal, social and economic emancipation. A first one campus experimentation, conducted by the Family experts Trainer (psychologists, pedagogists and educators) of the Paoletti Foundation, with the tools of Pedagogy for the third millennium, took placein camera, last year. The success of the “zero” edition has evidently decreed the revival for this 2018. Who lived itremember as follows: “A precious experience, that allowed me to dedicate of quality time to my son, and of acquire observation tools of the child when he is together with his peers, very useful for understanding Lorenzo’s character is better ” – says Katia Falvo, mother and teacher who took part to the experience last year, and that she adds: “I have to say that the Family Training has proved useful and profitable even in my professional experience, that always moves onbinary of a dual relationship, providing me useful tools also with my students ” And again: “In our family unit do not emerge specific relational problems, but the training was for everyone us a moment of growth, which has allowed us parents to improve the relational, communicative and emotional ability with our two girls “- say Elvira Barbutoand Orlando Bruno, both doctors, who are waiting for the new edition highlighting that repetition experience would be another chance to deepen situations that occur in everyday life and learn to deal with them better.