Escher, Calabria and the myth

A unique and original exhibition that tells the special relationship between Calabria and Escher, the famous Dutch engraver whose style left an indelible mark on the evolution of contemporary art. “Escher, la Calabria e il mito” is the title of the exhibition that for two months, from 20 November to 20 January, will turn the spotlight on the city of Catanzaro. The initiative was proposed and produced by the Culture Department of the Municipality of the Calabrian capital which, supported by the Calabria Region, managed to set up a major operation using a special double curatorhip signed by Domenico Piraina – director of the Palazzo Reale and of the Cultural Promotion Sector of the City of Milan – and of Federico Giudiceandrea, one of Escher’s most important collectors and experts. The event is organized in collaboration with Arthemisia, a leading international company for the production of large art exhibitions. The artist became famous for his impossible constructions and geometric distortions visited Italy several times and in 1930 reached Calabria remaining completely bewitched. In this exhibition – for whose poster the evocative black and white of “Dragon” was chosen – it will be possible to rediscover the same amazement that Escher felt in front of the landscape and the beauty of Calabria as a significant stop on the Grand Tour, the long journey in continental Europe usually carried out by the rich young men of the European aristocracy since the seventeenth century. The route of Maurits Cornelis Escher in Calabria began from the Gulf of S. Eufemia and continued for about a month. From the look of the curious traveler, who does not accuse the signs of the time, emerges the image of the evocative small Calabrian villages that preserve the memory and identity of our history and that deserve to be better known and valued.