Dreamlab, cuddles and tenacity enterprise.

There are many success stories in the world of the company, and each has its own particularity. Success stories born in difficult contexts for environmental  or personal reasons or for the inevitable obstacles that initially appear insurmountable to the point to induce the most to surrender. It is known that the companies managed to succeed

– but it would be better say, people who are leading it – are those that have risen once more than to falls. For this reason, we like to tell each other human and entrepreneurial story referable to Menia Cutrupi, a young woman from ReggioCalabria which – acquired degree in industrial engineering – after losing the work that occupied her for seven years in the field of safety, quality and environment, gets back into play by starting again from her dreams. She creates together with husband, Salvatore Salvaguardia, the startup Dreamlab Srls based on the marketing of “Cuddle boxes” through the use of a web platform  that, in 2015, comes presented in the television show of Italia1 Shark Tank – hunters of ideas. The idea really like, so much that some big investors, hit from the originality and potential of the project, promise to support it with a strong investment that incredibly will never come. Menia and Salvatore absorb the blow, despitethe delusion. They get up and reinvent themselves. So they give life at a “motivational shop” named #sostengounsogno,thanks to which they sell their gadgets and succeed to have a physical location. A subsequent project of crowdfunding allows them to expand the offer and add new excellences of suppliers and  a new platform: www.cofanettidicoccole.it.All this happens not without further obstacles, told by the same Menia Cutrupi in an autobiography in the form of a novel in which she decides to try. It describes the path of a woman that to feel fulfilled and realize her dreams must fight against multiple sclerosis,  ‘ndrangheta, prejudices and indifference. Other and new obstacles, therefore. But sacrifice and tenacity turn out to be the a winning resource to do business as well as, above all, to live her life. The title of the book – “It is forbidden to trample on dreams “- is indicative of  Menia Cutrupi’s emottional, personal and cultural setting, as well as his character which led she and her family to react brightly and purposeful to adversity. She defines herself resilient dreamer, as well as entrepreneur, motivator, engineer and mother. It’s not a causality  that she received several awards: for female entrepreneurship, for excellence in startups, for creativity; without neglecting what probablyit is the most significant of the awards obtained, that is the title of smile ambassador, deservedly attributed to her because of her being one positive person, open and with a vision that recognizes the value of people. Dreamlab is expanding throughout Italy: its “Cuddle boxes” focus on experiences, emotions, people and their ties. Making strengthon the assumption that “a cuddle is worth a thousand words”, Menia, today,  offers caskets ranging from simpleappetizer to dinner, from wellness treatment to a bouquet of flowers, from a short guided tour to one sitting at the hairdresser. There are several possibilities buy and give pampering, all provided by companies of excellence and Made in Italy. But the most important cuddle it is undoubtedly that we do to ourselves  when we take the decision to never get down and go always ahead giving the primacy to the things that matter for real. Borrowing the words of the US writer Laura Ingalls Wilder “despite all the real things in life are the sweet and simple things”.