Dadada beach Museum, the first Mediterranean beach-museum

Intuition, imagination, creativity. Or maybe a flash or a seductive perspective that flatters you and does not leave you  anymore until you listen to it. In a word: genius. Because brilliant is the idea of ​​Roberto Talarico, entrepreneur and owner of Lido Dadadà in Montauro, on the magnificent Ionian Catanzaro coast. Inspiration comes from the infinity of lost objects and not reclaimed that every year, at the end of the season, finds on the beach: from glasses to slippers, from keys to the caps; and so he imagines to reuse them. The meeting with Mario Loprete, an internationally renowned artist, completes the situation. And so, the Summer of 2018 offers the Dadada Beach Museum, which, as far as I know, is the first museum – complete with a catalog and itinerary – set up on the beach. Although there are indeed similar initiatives – famous in this regard is located in Barcelona – it’s mainly about installations or sand sculptures. Loprete expresses his creative figure through an original sculptural technique that meets painting,  he likes to use cement, a symbol at the same time as ancient and modern. He takes his cue from the hip hop American current, where he is well regarded as much to have earned a title on the cover with an article on the recent July issue of We Are Jersey, the US icon magazine of the hip hop world. An exceptional  recognition if you think that all the artists of this current cannot be separated from being mentioned in this magazine if they want to get a sort of official seal of quality. His concrete works exhibited at Dadada Beach Museum are called “concrete sculputures” and made in full Dada style, or breaking each traditional aesthetic canon, including what claims to exhibit art only within big white rooms. So, the beach can become a single artistic place, accessible to all, where installing some works by the sea becomes a disrespectful gesture in line with the dada philosophy. What else to say? A decidedly contemporary art museum out of the box that has the ambition ofovercome seasonality and host additional collections destined to be enriched over time, in a marriage between art, environment and territory.