Castelluccio di Norcia, the color show.

There is a place in the world where between the end of May and the beginning of July nature shows: it is the flowering that takes place in the valleys of Castelluccio, the highest village of the Apennines (1,452 meters above sea level), in the municipal territory of Norcia. The “flowery” – as this spell that is repeated every year is popularly called – offers its best shortly before the harvest, when the lentil flowers blend with the other typical flowerings of the season: poppies, tulips, gentians, cornflowers, daffodils really give the impression of being in front of a huge painting. The IGP lentil that is grown here has become a symbol since the local economy has always been hinged on this production. Unfortunately, with the earthquake of October 2016, the ancient village of Castelluccio was almost completely destroyed. Nevertheless, the will of the redemption is felt by the people; the same IGP lentil has taken upon itself the symbolism of an entire territory that legitimately claims revenge. And it does it by reinventing itself. This is the case, for example, of the Social Cooperative Asset that dealt with services to accommodation facilities – from restaurants to festivals, from farms to hotels, from web marketing to the development of calls – and that after the 2016 earthquake was forced to overturn completely its objectives, considering that the tourism that fed the whole system has collapsed. And so it was questioned … going back to the ground and “rediscovering” hemp as a new market. Through this project – called Organic Hemp Farms – which is complementary and not competitive with existing economies, a virtuous collaboration has been created between the realities of the territory, which passes from the producer peasant to the product transformer up to the distributor. The comparison does not seem exaggerated, but this plant can be defined as the “pig of the vegetable world”: just as the pig does not throw anything away, similarly to every part of the cannabis can be made treasure; they did not stop at the traditional uses of the textile industry, but we went as far as beer, chocolate and biscuits, without forgetting oil and flour obtained from the seed of the plant. You can go back to the earth. On the contrary, one must return to the ground especially when this is a source of beauty as well as a generous dispenser of fruit.