Alessandro Mazzitelli, a life dedicated to Art

The life of Alessandro Mazzitelli, born on 5 July 1943 in Catanzaro where he lives and still works, is entirely dedicated to art. Innovator since the Sixties, protagonist of successful exhibitions and awards for his artistic merit, many of his works appear in private collections in Italy and abroad. In 1967 in America the Land Art was born, a revolutionary current: Mazzitelli fits into this vein and characterizes it with a direct intervention on the territory and the surrounding landscape, modifying it with works created in 1969; in the following years he realized a significant historical installation in Calabria: he began to wrap the Sila trees with huge rolls of white paper changing the aspect of the territory of the surrounding environment. He is the only artist in those years to dare and amaze. In the same period he created the Dragging-drape – a definition coined by himself – that is, works made with fabrics; and he expresses himself also through installations, performances and oil paintings of considerable dimensions of hyper-realistic conception. Alessandro Mazzitelli reveals his fondness for art as a child, supported and shared by his father, Achille Filippo Mazzitelli, a painter who in the Forties created the first hand-painted Cinema posters. Mazzitelli is therefore a child of art! In the rarefied atmosphere of his father’s study, wrapped in perfumes of enamel paint, a smell of color, the essence of turpentine, the scent of painting, his fantastic adventure begins. Having completed his studies at the School of Art and the Institute of Belle Arti in Reggio Calabria, directed by the illustrious art critic Alfonso Frangipane, he became professor of Pictorial Disciplines at the nascent Artistic Lyceum in Catanzaro, where he began a long artistic partnership with the students. There are places and people that emanate a magnetic energy: they attract, evoke and often tell the spirit of the time, as was Alessandro Mazzitelli for many young people who approached art. His intuitions and his new expressions stimulate, opening new paths for them. In Catanzaro his modern and unconventional works mark the overcoming of an “other” art: a revolution of styles and academies. At the Bari Expo in 1982 he took part in a large-scale installation work consisting of fabric assemblies; it is a triumph and a novelty. He prefers other forms of art compared to painting: La pittura scende dal quadro; Dragging-drape; Conserve d’artista, still considered contemporary. New cycles are born. Mazzitelli, is really an artist of a thousand expressions, independent and Mitteleuropean spirit, skilled in experimenting techniques as evidenced by the works Fuori quadro and Fuori pittura. With an “acrobatic” look we admire his works Forme-arcaico-moderne out of the confining boundaries of the enclosed surface and that evolve into weaves of various materials: whether it is fabric, wood, cardboard, retina or other medium, everything takes on a new geography of the soul, through the manipulation of the master’s creative mind, expressions of hidden feelings that express the anxieties of contemporary man. “The work of art must breathe, inspire, vibrate, otherwise it is just a bunch of pieces “, says Alessandro Mazzitelli himself. The artist, despite himself and in spite of everything, lives a double life. He is the work! Miracle of art.The next appointment with Alessandro Mazzitelli is a public installation in Dusseldorf, Germany, in the spring of 2019.